My name is Armando Ferone, I am a judge since 2014 and I live at Arzano, near Naples, in the sunbathed South of Italy, at few kilometres from the sea.
Here, at the moment, resides the kennel “dei Cavalieri di Malta”, kennel name granted by the E.N.C.I. and the F.C.I. on the September 25th 2003, of which I am the owner.
The first time I saw a Maltese was in the 1996, at the International Dog Show of Naples, in the pavillons of the exhibition centre “Mostra d’
Oltremare” close to the Engineering University I attended.
I was taken  by the sight of that silk mass that was placidally living without even the slightest sign of boredom.
Back home I decided I will have had a dog and that it would have been just a Maltese.
So I began to read as much as I could on the breed and to visit dog shows to learn as much as possibile about my favorite.
Finally my dream became reality and in my life entered 
Principe and the little Isabel.
Living day by day next  to my dogs, I learned that the maltese is not only a creature of extraordinary beauty and elegance, but a concentrate of  vivacity and joy, whose only purpose in life is to please his two legged friend.
Now I cannot live without the privilege of the company of these little dogs and a part of my life is dedicated to them, to their breeding and to their development, so that everyone can know and enjoy this wonderful creature called Maltese.