My kennel is made up of few subjects, all living  as family pets and looked after with love at all stages of their life.
My puppies are bred in a serene atmosphere and grow up at home with my family, where they can receive the right imprinting.
I take care with particular attention of the sanitary aspect and their training. For this reason, they are sold only after three months of age, when they are fully vaccinated and socialized.
My puppies are the fruit of a careful selection of dogs, carrying  the best European, Australian and American bloodlines.
I attend national and international dog shows with regularity both in Italy and abroad, in order to verify constantly  the quality of my Maltese and compare it with that of the other breeders who, like me, have at heart  only the good of the breed.
My kennel is not there to earn money: breeding for me is first of all a passion.
As a matter of fact, I breed very few litters per year, just for myself, even if, occasionally, I may have a pet or a show prospect puppy available.
For further information or to know my breeding plans, donít  hesitate to contact me.