Jady is the fruit of long researches all over the world. I was not only looking for a Maltese to show but above all a female to include in my breeding programme. I knew exactly what I was looking for, but the breeders that i had contacted offered me bitches that did not suit me or they simply told me I had to wait as they had not the type of female I was searching for. I kept searching and eventually I imported Jady! Jady has all caracteristics I was looking for: big round eyes, short muzzle, long neck, a firm top-line and deep pigmentation. She has a joyful nature and moves in the ring with a great pride and confidence. I will never thank enough her breeder, Antonieta Vinci Barranqueiros, for letting Jady become part of my family.

Say about her:

“Two years old stylish bitch of quality. Very worthy champion. Has style and showmanship. Lovely head, eye and expression. Firm body and a beautyfull silky coat”

Judge: Joyce W. Mann (UK)

“Femminine head. Good eyes and pigment. Very good neck, topline and tail. Well prepaired coat of good quality. Excellent movement in carriage”.

Judge: Annika Ulltweit-Moe (S)

“ 3 years old. Correct and complete dentition. Balanced head. Eye of good color and shape. Elegant neck. Correct front for angulations, bones and perpendicularities. Correct foot shape. Correct chest in the three  dimensions. Well proportioned body. Well set and carried tail. Well muscled and angled rear. Coat of good quality. Moves well.”

Judge:  Manola Poggesi Arnetoli (I)

“ High quality bitch. Femminine. Attractive and proud expression. Balanced head. Long neck. Proud head carriage and good tail carriage. Well developed chest. Coat of good quality and  denseness. Animated, typical movement.”

Judge: Agnes Ganami (IL)



International dog show of Florence  05/22/05  - Open Female
Jady  was  1st EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOS. Judge J. Philip (IN)